The Lawless Podcast

The Lawless Podcast

Hosted by: Andrea Helleman

The Lawless podcast is my answer to unravelling drive, motivation and the forces that have brought about exceptional lives. They are my curated conversations with people of interest who have pushed back from...


Alain Duguay // Avalanche Survivor \\ Snow Safety Series

Season #1 Episode #58

On March 17th, 2013 Alain Duguay and his friends found themselves in the path of an avalanche that was classified as a size 3.5.  They were in Cherry Bowl in Terrace BC and in terms of the avalanche’s destruction --...
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Jaad Kuujus (Meghann O’Brien) // Northwest Coast Artist + Boarder

Season #1 Episode #57

Meghaan is an internationally recognized Award-winning Northwest Coast Artist that travels the world as an artist, a student, a teacher, a keynote speaker and a snowboarder and yet I think her greatest work lies in...
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Motherload Film w/ Zoya Lynch

Season #1 Episode #56

So this is a short little interview with Zoya Lynch the director of the film Motherload. This film is near and dear to my heart because it was directed by Zoya who was episode 45 of the Lawless Podcast. But also,...
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Dr. Amber Kirk // Chiropractor + Force

Season #1 Episode #55

Dr. Amber Kirk // is a chiropractor and a force of nature. She’s helping me on my path to wellness and I think by the time you finish this episode you’ll be in a different path or atleast looking towards one. She is...
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The Future of Boarding with Amalia 'Billy' Pelchat

Season #1 Episode #54

Amalia ‘Billy’ Pelchat is on her way to becoming a legit pro snowboarder but I love how she inspires girls to get on their skateboards by hosting girls skateboard camps where everyone feels comfortable to put...
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Jon Roth // the snowboarder turned barber turned Down Syndrome advocate

Season #1 Episode #53

Jon Roth… he’s a very honest, humble, compassionate, man who has good style and a family many would envy. His wife Tasha is a deeply layered woman of wisdom and their son Kai Ocean is the cutest and rocks an extra...
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Kevin McHugh // Inspring Soul in Sport, Photography & Life. Living with a diagnosis.

Season #1 Episode #52

This podcast begins with Kevin telling me about his new diagnosis of life with thyroid cancer, a tumour in-between his heart and lungs and complications with his liver. And I think that puts this conversation into...
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Shin Campos // producer + snowboarder

Season #1 Episode #51

In the words of my next guest, he has no agenda aside from living a good life.  He has been on the forefront of sport in our mountains and we take a nice little tour in the early days of life travelling and cruising...
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Tobin Seagel // Biologist + Skier

Season #1 Episode #50

Tobin Sea Gull is a gem. He’s smart, strategic and might appear to be the complete package. As he balances work, the environment, sport, giving back and agreeing to do my podcast.   WE really chat it up...
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Chad Chomlack // Good Human + Award Winning Snowboard Photographer

Season #1 Episode #49

I’ve always known Chad Chomlack to be a very agreeable man. He always has a quick smile and after this podcast I now know that he is a man of great integrity and depth and man he really did dive into the podcast with...
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Mike Douglas // Godfather of Freesking // Activist

Season #1 Episode #48

What to say about Mike Douglas he has dedicated himself to doing more for skiing than anybody, literally shaping the sport of freeskiing. He produces a lot of film and short pieces that push the narrative of action...
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Jamie Crane-Mauzy // TBI Survivor + Pro Skier

Season #1 Episode #47

Jamie Crane-Mauzy who heils from Utah, USA.  She was a freestyle skier who landed the first double back flip in competition at the X-games in 2013. And then in 2015 she crashed on a slopestyle run in Whistler BC and...
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