Are you ready to detox your system this fall?

Start whenever you are ready, this practice will keep you inspired for the entire challenge.

Join us for 21 days this fall for Kapalabhati Pranayama - Shining Skulls Breath which:

  • Clears the Nadis.

  • Stimulates our central nervous system.

  • Rejuvenates brain cells.

  • Removes heavy metals from your blood.

  • Activates & tones your abdominal wall and aids digestion issues with the removal of acidity and gas-related problems.

During this 21-day detox practice, we will seek to transform the energy of the metal element governing your mind and re-direct it towards your heart. The heart is an energetic vortex to our spirit. This is where we reside and have feelings of contentment, acceptance, love and an all-around sense of peace. 


  • Committing to 21 days of practice is a gift to yourself, and we look forward to hearing about your transformation.
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  • 21 days of guided practices delivered to your inbox 
  • 21 days to establish a routine for mental clarity.
  •  Motivation + Community
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