The daily practice is a collection of voices;  sharing knowledge & seeking knowledge.

To make time each day to connect & disconnect - a moment to reset.


In 2019, Crystal Rainbow Borrelli and Andrea Helleman sat at a kitchen table in Squamish, BC and had a conversation.

They were recording a podcast episode for the Lawless Podcast. They talked about a lot of things. At one point Andrea asked Crystal if she could sing a mantra. And in that moment, the world shifted (and vibrated).

Snatched from the ether and The Daily Practice was born. 

'Mythic Mantra - an introductory course with Crystal Rainbow' is the foundational course of the daily practice.

You'll wake up each morning thinking about it and when you fall asleep at night.

It is self-paced, self-governed and created for your SELF.

Make sure to carve out a little time each day to connect to the moment.


This was the first concept meeting between Andrea + Crystal.

Listen to the episode that started it all on The Lawless Podcast.

The study of Mantra has consumed Crystal and it shapes her life work. It informs her yoga teachings and it makes the world vibrate.

Crystal is a Yogi, a teacher, a teacher's teacher and a beacon of light.

Read more about Crystal on her website She has online classes and lots of news for retreats and teacher trainings.

The Daily Practice is a product of everything Andrea loves thought, expression, photography, videography, learning and connection to the moment.

Andrea is self-taught in all things creative and she empowers others to connect to their inner creativity.

Read more about Andrea on her website

Stay in the Know.

You'll never have time.
You have to make it.

You'll never have time.
You have to make it.