Embody the teachings of yoga and find your Daily Practice through our podcast, community and series of self-paced on-line courses created to help you dive deeper into your mantra practice,  your yoga practice and your life. 

The next installment of The Daily Practice kicks off on November 27th, 2023 with Evening Rituals.

It's a collection of nightly practices of varying lengths  that will help you ground down, regulate your nervous system and help you decompress after your day.

Join us for $21 for 30 days of access or join us for our free class.

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Evening Rituals

Let's reset our Nervous system Nightly. ॐ 

Are you ready to try our 21-Day Kapalabhati Challenge.

 This practice is to move the energy to your heart, and away from the strong pull of the ego.

Join us for $21 for 21 days!

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Join us for 21 days of Kapalabhati ॐ 

21 days of inspo to kick off your day in the best way.

Detox your system with us with 5-7 minute practices each day.

Let’s all rise together 


A course to connect you with Om ॐ Aum

Walk through the original story of Aum, learn why we chant it (three times) as well as deep reflections and journalling as you continue your self-study in all things Yoga.


Enjoy this Free Course and welcome the FULL MOON each month.

FREE COURSE ~ I have created this free Full Moon Mythic Mantra Course + Practice as a gift for you.


This course will light a fire beneath you as you take a deep dive into all things Mantra.

The course was designed to help you learn each mantra to heart, to infuse the meaning and embody or yoke the practice in your everyday life, your daily practice.


We've created a Mythic Mantra journal for recording daily journalling and insights as you make your way through the lessons, mantra practices, history and stories..


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