Jessa Gilbert // Artist + Split boarder

Season #1 Episode #46

If I could chat with her for a few days I would. Jessa Gilbert is a very accomplished artist, snowboarder, adventurer and human. She lives in Nelson, BC where we chatted remotely from. She’s got a lot to say about life and I think it comes down to her passionate pursuit of living a good life.


I love how she seamlessly moves through life in pencil, pen or paintbrush in hand… she synthesizes so many aspects of life that wouldn’t normally go together and I think that is felt in all of her pieces.

This chat is full of life, Covid times, Architecture, life of an artist, pursuing guiding, process, getting amongst in the mountains and marrying your greatest passions together to live a real rich and full life. Plus she really does make the most of everyday…

Enjoy friends, I sure did.

And Jessa thank-you for the chat, I look forward to our next one.