Darcy Hennessey Turenne // Filmmaker (and my hero)

Season #3

Darcy is actually my hero but I kept it kind of cool when I was interviewing her. She’s an award-winning filmmaker, retired professional athlete, friend, wife and mother. She has captured and shared so many diverse topics (long before they caught the main streams) in her documentaries, commercial work and works of fiction. 

I found the entire conversation to be illuminating and yet the most profound thing she said to me is that her inner child is intact. She spends her life and time creating and being a role model for women and men alike. 

Darcy is doing the good work through her production house centred around representing women in a heavily dominated male industry. I look forward to watching more of her films and watching her trajectory continue to propel her forward into both fiction and documentary. I believe both are very large contributors to our progressive development as a society. 

If you are not familiar with Darcy’s body of work you should either stop what you are doing and watch her films or bookmark them for later. www.darcyturenne.com

She is an optimist… and a BRIGHT LIGHT.