Adam Campbell // A ultra running good human

Season #3 Episode #62

Meet Adam Campbell. Many of you will know him as an ultra-athlete, a man who has known great tragedy or simply a partner in the mountains. Tragedy was how I first learned of this man, but upon a few google searches, I uncovered his third culture upbringing in Africa. He was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, for much of his formative life, and I love hearing about what it was like growing up in Africa in the 80s… how he found his stride in running as a late teen and then how he has always followed a path towards great things.


He’s a lawyer, a writer and a very honest and vulnerable human being.


We don’t touch down on the origin of the interview and focus on his origin story. 


An avalanche took his wife Laura’s life in January 2020. And, I thought it would have been too traumatic for me, honestly, to have unpacked in this episode. If you are interested in learning more about his journey through grief and healing you can listen to some other podcasts or the Sheraps film ‘to the hills and back’.


I loved this episode and how Adam has ultimately shaped his life and learned the hard lessons along the way. May we all have the courage to speak our truth.