Kitt Redhead // ACMG Ski Guide, Mother + Regenerative Farmer in the Making

Season #3 Episode #63

I learn a lot in this episode. I learn about myself, life, farming, Kitt (of course), routes I never even knew I wanted to tour, and the time I want to take for myself, and how not to skirt responsibilities but ultimately lean into them. 


Kitt describes herself as an observer of life, which I can relate to... However, she takes a lot of action, and I think I’m more prone to being passive. Or lately, I have felt that way.


So, in addition to learning about myself, I was moved and inspired to take more action as I observe (and document) the world around me. 


Kitt Redhead became an ACMG ski guide as a young mother. And then, as a single mother, she flipped homes in her off-seasons in different parts of BC.  Currently, she is in the midst of creating a regenerative farm in Pemberton Meadows while raising her children alongside her husband Seth Wescott.