Claire Buchar on Life, Bikes, Adversity & Growing as a Human

Season #3 Episode #65

Claire and I were born in the same year, the year of the horse, and according to the Chinese zodiac, it symbolizes Power, beauty, and freedom—all qualities I see in Claire. I’ve been looking at Claire for two decades. We used to work on the same block in Whistler, and I’ve always thought of her as a gentle being. And I always thought she was gentle until she straddles a bike… but upon interviewing her, I realized that her true strength and longevity come from her smooth style. Claire is calculated and artful in how she lives, bikes and speaks. 


She had a great amount of loss in her teenage years and channelled all of that into being a racer, biker, mentor and friend. I know adversity is what shapes us… but many of her stories break my heart a little. And I know that is life, and nobody exits with a fully intact heart. 


This is an hour of real talk with Claire Buchar, and I feel we’re just scratching the surface. A second part is probably growing somewhere.