Juliette Pelchat // She Stands Sideways

Season #3 Episode #67

Juliette Pelchat is a force on a snowboard, but it was her work with RWK // Real Wild Kittens that touched me the most! A Girl Shred Movement to promote female involvement in male dominant sports.


Watching her and her sister empower girls on skateboards and in life makes me excited for the future.


I was very excited to see that she won the Sarah Burke scholarship this year. I know that Sarah would be proud … 


She’s got a lot of insight and drive far behind her eighteen years and I think we can thank her parents for giving us Juliette. She’s incorporated a company, has her eyes set on the olympics, being a pilot, blowing up the backcountry and continuing to connect with every generation of snowboarding. 


I look forward to following the sisters as they continue to challenge and propel eachother forward.