Celeste Pomerantz // 4 Season Athlete

Season #3 Episode #68

I sat down with Celeste this spring, and then the world moved in all different directions, and I’m just getting this out now. My apologies, but it’s worth the wait, and I’m happy to report that I’m back for another batch of podcasting… hoping for a weekly installment. But we’ll see.

Celeste lives in Squamish, BC, where we recorded this, and I came into this conversation a bit hot on her Sailing ski trip in Norway because I had just watched ‘Wavy 2’ on YouTube. 

It’s a ski documentary backed by her sponsor Black Crows, where she and Niko Schirmer sail to the northern Norwegian island of Svalbard and ski under arctic conditions.

You’ll want to see it… maybe watch it now so we don’t give away spoilers.

Celeste is an easy conversation, she has a lot of honesty, depth and an understanding of the world that I love, and we talk about her work doing her master’s in energy renewables, climate change, getting injured, how she pitches projects that get her fired up amongst other things.

She’s a four-season athlete, a scientist and good on bikes and skis, and I’m sure anything she puts her mind to.