finding consistency in your meditation practice

Season #1

We start with a Hari Om and go into quite a conversation centred around a student’s question about staying connected to your meditation practice as it continues to evolve.

Consistency is key!

T’s Question: Love it in LA traffic. I actually look forward to the commute. You had asked for any suggestions or topics. I’ve been wondering about your thoughts on meditation. Different techniques and styles and how to drop in. How did you start, and how did it evolve to what it is now? I found when I was deep in some stuff, it was actually easier to get into that space, but over the last few years, what used to work for me isn’t anymore. I really struggle to get to that bliss state where I feel I get clarity or messages. How to come back to what I know I used to be able to do? And has that happened to you and led you to other methods…

Listen in to hear all about finding consistency and peace alongside your daily practice.

Crystal + Andrea