Stand in Your Power

Season #1

Standing in Your Power. It’s a few weeks after the New Year, and many of us feel lulled as we have drifted from our resolutions or main intentions for the year. In today’s episode, we talk about how to check in with yourself. Crystal tells us that often this time of the year is when the universe challenges you to make sure you stay on your course. She tells us about how she did a ceremony in Mexico this New Year’s to aid in ‘standing in your power’ to embody your resolutions/words/themes/purpose/dharma for this year. Crystal grounds us in with 3 Aums and discusses finishing her manual for her advanced training ‘evolve 300hr’ in Bali, Indonesia, this spring. This will deepen your asana, pranayama, kriyas, mantra, mythology, meditation practice, and innate knowledge of functional anatomy. Our Mantra this week is Om Namah Shivaya & heya heyo. It’s time for a check-in, let’s recalibrate and get you back on track to stand in your true self and your POWER! Stand in your true self. Begin, and the pressure will be off. Start, and it will begin.