Stacking Habits with So Hum

Season #1

We started the daily practice because we want people to sing mantras daily. Mantras are from ancient teaching and are used with the intention of helping us shine a light on parts of ourselves we want to illuminate and dive deeper into. When we repeat a mantra it helps calm our minds and unites our body and mind. This podcast was created to make it really easy for you to listen to a new mantra each week and repeat it all week long. To embody the teachings and become the prayer. It’s mid-January and most people have thrown their hands in the air and abandoned their resolutions. Mostly because they try to do too much. Our resolution is to maintain consistency through simplicity with all things mantra. Anywhere, anytime! We encourage you to make the space daily to check out to check-in. So Hum is the mantra for this week, it’s a Bija Mantra and we love it. Your homework this week is to go out into nature and create some vibration in the world as you sing So Hum.