A mini-course to connect you with Om ॐ Aum 

A mini-short course to deepen your understanding and connection with yoga Om ॐ Aum and in this short course all about the primordial sound.
Walk through the original story of Aum, learn why we chant it (three times) as well as deep reflections and journalling as you continue your self-study in all things Yoga.

Connect to the power and meaning behind Om ॐ Aum.

Meditation, Mudras, and an Ocean of Aums will transpire as you find your voice with ~The Primordial Sound ~ Om ॐ Aum. 

  • The Story of Aum
  • A Practice to find your Aum
  • Ocean of Aums Practice
  • Guided Meditation
  • Journal w/ Prompts & knowledge 

After this mini-course you will have found your Aum within an Ocean of Aums.